Status changed in system

Im currently in the process of waiting on a DoS secret clearance. I received an email from my FSO this morning on a status change. On 8 February my clearance went into adjudication. Today I was told the status changed from “in adjudication”, to " pending adjudication with adjudicator". What the hell does this mean? it sounds like the same thing just a play on words…

Your FSO could just be giving you different status updates to keep you happy. My FSO just did that to me, sent me information that wasn’t completely accurate only to find out i’m still in the same boat from the last time I asked a month ago.

I had two thoughts on the update,1. excatly what you just said 2. maybe it means its no longer in the que and actually made it to a desk…lol…who knows at this point.

Yes that could be possible, maybe it moved forward to an actual adjudicator. Well, keep me updated if you hear anything else, I will do the same. It doesn’t seem like there is a ton of DOS data out there that is accurate.

Check the reports from the nisppac to see if the timelines is helpful. Google “” and “Nisppac” …

Lots and lots of great info in the archieves and you can find a pretty good idea of each agency’s timeline, all but one and it happens to be the one I need… Department of State… absolutely nothing out there in the form of a timeline, FY stats… nothing.

As others have said your FSO can access it. The HR may be able to as well as I have contacted them and they have send me screenshots of the status log.


I get updates or repeated update from my FSO monthly…what im talking about is the so “called” agency timelines that get posted each quarter. The DoS does not provide any data to these so called timelines, all the other agencys do…ie, DOD,DOE,DHS and so forth but not the department of state. So when the kick out the quarterly updated timeline graph for clearances it does no good for someone waiting on a Department of State clearance. Second note, im sure your FSO knows this and your HR should as well, but screen shotting a controled access system violates all kinds of internet security policys/laws.

I am waiting for DoS clearance and they have very little information and most of it is from 2012. On the State Department website it currently says waiting time is 120 days for a TSC.

Yep so Im I, DoS secert and the the 90 to 120 day that is on the web site is the timeline once it gets to DoS for adudacation. I will hit that 120 day mark in adjudacation in 10 days. Waiting on a DoS secert

Poor choice of words on my behalf. Not screenshotting but CCing me in emails between HR and FSO. I said Screenshot as it is akin to “SC” fairly similar to CC itself and there lay the confusion.