Clearance adjudication DoD & DoS

Hi everyone!

So here’s my situation, I applied for a DoS position back in 2019 and it the whole clearance process took well over a 2 years to complete, during that period I applied for a DoD job and I got a favorable fitness determination and I did a CI then deployed. 6 months after deployment I was laid off and got sent home. My FSO said that I had an existing ongoing clearance process And they have to wait for my clearance adjudication to be completed with the state department and I received an SOR letter… Long story short I was found unsuitable to get a clearance with the state department even though I appealed their decision with paperwork but that didn’t help, 5 months go by and I contact my FSO To see what’s going on with my DOD clearance and he said the Secret adjudication was completed with a determination of No Action was made by DODCAF. Now does that mean the company pulled the plug on me and didn’t claim me so DOD can readjudicate? I’m with a different company now and the FSO told me the same thing No Action by DODCAF, will DOD use the DOS adjudication or start a whole new process?