DOD and DOS adjudication with no action by DODCAF

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Here’s my situation. I applied for a state department job back in 2019 and my clearance process took well over two years to complete.during that period I applied for a DOD job and I got a favorable fitness determination from DOD I did CI interview and I deployed. Six months after deployment I got laid off and was sent home, I contacted my FSO he told me that i have an ongoing investigation in process with the state department and i have to wait until it completes before we can process you. Long story short I got an SOR letter and I appealed it and still found unsuitable to get a clearance with the state department. Now my FSO says that a Secret adjudication was completed with a determination of No Action by DODCAF, does that mean the company pulled the plug and didn’t request DODCAF to re- adjudicate? Now I’m in process with a different company on a DoD contract, I updated my equip with them and submitted it. The new FSO said the same thing… No Action by DODCAF. My question is will DOD use the completed adjudication from the state department or start a whole new investigation?

If that State Dept investigation is more than a couple years old (and it sounds like it might be), they will probably start a new investigation. Maybe they’ll be able to use some of the previous investigation but I expect they will want to do some new interviews as well.

They will also want to look into whatever issue was described in that SOR. Not an automatic disqualifier by any means but still something they’ll want to look into so be prepared to go into that issue, whatever it was.

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State, by far was the most difficult agency to work with re: crossovers and standards. They operate in their own bubble, their own rule sets. Always report this when applying to all agencies. I guarantee any aspect of the clearance longer than a year likely requires re completion. Some may just require signature pages. Other parts must reoccur

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New update to my case…

My company management, including FSO, recruiting and deployment department are all baffled of what’s going on with my case…I was found eligible to obtain a CAC with and deploy overseas about 3 weeks ago until my full clearance comes thru and all these departments worked with me accordingly based on that. Yesterday I had my subject interview with a DCSA investigator and it lasted about 2 hours and went so smooth. I was supposed to get my plane tickets yesterday and attend CRC next week then immediately deploy. Recruiting called me right after my interview and they informed me that the Air Force made a mistake with my eligibility and said I’m ineligible, even tho they cleared me 3 weeks ago( based on a valid DoD LOA from another company with CAC block ticked)… no one in the company or even the Air Force know what’s going on and I had already put in my vacate notice for my apartment and supposed to turn in the keys next week. I’m basically gonna end up without a place to stay and out of a job.

Anyone encountered such thing before?