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Hello, I have held a DOD and IC TS/SCI for the past 10 years. A year ago I reported an incident to my FSO which in turn flagged my clearance until the issue was resolved. Before I went to court and the issue was resolved my company lost the contract due to it ending. Now I have a flagged security clearance. I was able to get onto another contract with my company, but the DOD will not let me back into the building until OPM removes the flag. I submitted all the paperwork needed that cleared me or any wrong doing from the incident, but am being told its held up at OPM until they adjudicate my clearance. I have tried to research this topic and have not found much. How long does something like this usually take? How can I get this flag removed from my clearance? Thanks for your input.

There is no answer to your question: It can depend on the “incident” for example. It can depend on the judicial adjudication over the incident. The incident may trigger a periodic review of your clearance (which would be due soon anyway since you say you have been cleared for the past 10 years.)

This is just going to take it’s own course.


Thanks for the response. The incident was being accused of an DUI, which I reported immediately in accordance to the DOD requirements. I was found not guilty of all charges. The DOD FSO said they are ready to bring me on they just need OPM to clear the red flag off my clearance. I just wish there was a clear response I could get on how long it will take for OPM to review and clear the flag. Like many other processes in obtaining and holding a clearance not everything is clear.

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Unless you work on an OPM contract, I doubt that OPM can do anything for you. Not to criticize your company’s FSO, I suspect that you may not have been correctly informed on this. To resolve the unsolved incident report, an adjudicator from DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility (CAF) needs to adjudicate the incident report. Unfortunately, only security professionals such as FSO can reach out to DoD CAF. Your FSO might need to submit a Research, Recertify and Upgrade (RRU) in order to have the incident report adjudicated.

How long it should take? It shouldn’t take as long; however, it depends on many factors (ie: how recent was your investigation/re-investigation, new contract with different agency, so forth). It took me nearly 2 years to get my clearance eligibility reinstated and I had to go through the entire investigation from scratch. Then again, it was for a different agency.

My recommendation… be extremely proactive about getting the unresolved incident report adjudicated. If it means bugging your FSO, so be it. If it means involving your congressional representative, so be it…


AWoodhall is absolutely correct. Your FSO needs to reach out to the CAF to have the flag adjudicated and removed