DOS Secret clearance. In July 2018 was “in Adjudication Status” and in January 2019 changed to “Assigned to Adjudication”


DOS Secret clearance. In July 2018 was “in Adjudication Status” and in January 2019 changed to “Assigned to Adjudication” . Any ideas of what that means? How long usually take for get the clearance?


Good sign. One normally means it is in the bucket for the adjudication office. The next means “we gave the file to Larry.” I’m being a bit facetious but you get the point. You are now moving.


Congratulations and good luck!


Hang in there Trey! Chicago double boinked…anything is possible.



Where or how did you get that status? I am trying not to bother my FSO until Feb. She sounds like a nice lady and I am not the one to ruin this new year for her because of my impatience :wink: Thank you!



Once the file actually gets assigned to an adjudicator, things usually move more quickly. Hopefully the adjudicator doesn’t decide that they need more info and it will only be a couple more weeks.



Thank you…lol


Every month I contact my FSO, keep in touch with her!!


I received this yesterday, any idea of what this means?
“We have information to send you concerning the background investigation for contract employment with the Department of State. However, the information we will send you is Personally Identifiable Information, which is protected and cannot be emailed without your permission.

Most individuals authorize us to use email to expedite the process. If you would like us to email the information to you, you must sign the attached release form. You may scan the attached release form for return as an email attachment or you may send it by facsimile machine.

If you prefer not to have the information emailed, it is requested that you provide a valid and current U.S. address for delivery. Please be advised that if the information is sent this way, a signature will be required upon delivery.

If we do not hear from you immediately, we will send the information to the domestic home address listed on your security questionnaire.


I think this just came up in another forum… anyway I think that’s pretty much self-explanatory, they want to know if it is OK with you to share Personally Identifiable Information (PII) over the internet. Sending PII unencrypted is usually against policy so they need your permission.

They are probably requesting additional information, so hopefully it will be something you can reply to quickly.


I wanted just understand if it was a good or bad thing… thanks!!!


It is a good thing at least insofar as you know that somebody is looking at your file :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t think that it’s either good or bad although it DOES mean that something is happening.

My guess is that this is a new requirement designed to prevent the release of PII or at least limit the government’s responsibility if the info leaks out.