Secret claearance Department Of State from “Adjudication status” in July 2018 to “assigned to adjudication” January 2019

Hi guys, I’m on adjudication status with DOS from the beginning of July 2018 for my Secret clearance, on the beginning of January 2019 changed to “Assigned to adjudication “ any idea what that means?. Any idea how long usually takes this process?

My DOS was in Adjudication for 6 months and I had a squeaky clean record and it was for a secert. Nobody knows how long it can sit in adjudication. Some 3 months, some 6 months, some a year or more.


Mine has been in Adjudication since February, 2018, for Top Secret. Just be patient.


Also in adjudication status (since early October). My HR person requested an interim… anyone know how those requests are handled? Will I know whether an interim is granted or denied?

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you will get an email saying either, interim granted or interim denied by your sponsering companys FSO.

OK… is it the same for direct hire positions? (as in, the HR person at state will let me know?) When calling to check on status, no one seems to be able to tell me one way or the other.

The FSO that is handling your clearance packet will inform you good or bad but you will get an email…direct hire, contactor, elected offical…an email will be sent normally with in 24 hours of the FSO getting the final status and the interm status. If interm is denyed it simply continues if a final determination is unfavorable/ denyed then you will start the appeal process. But regardless you will get an email and will not no anything until you get the email.

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My secret for DOS periodic reinvestigation has been in adjudication since at least October 16th.