My Clearance Timeline

Since I have been involved in several post here about the long time it is taking to get clearance issues resolved, I thought that I would take a few minutes to outline how the process went for me.

Summer 2005 - I was hired for my first position requiring a clearance. I was able to start work and filled out my SF86 on my first day. I received my interim clearance in about three weeks and my final in about three months. That clearance was in effect, without incident until December of 2014 when I had gone two years without needing a clearance.

April 2016 - I was laid off by a private employer from a non-cleared position.

June 2016 - I interviewed for a contracting position requiring a clearance. I was given a provisional offer, filled out my SF86 and was fingerprinted.

July 1, 2016 - My SF86 was forwarded to the DoD.

December 2016 - I receive a phone call from an investigator in Maryland. My application had gone to her in error. Because I live and would be working in New Jersey, she was required to forward my paperwork to an office in New Jersey.

February 2017 - I am contacted by the New Jersey investigator and a meeting is set up. We met once in person and had several phone calls to assist her in gathering all of the information that she requires.

March 2017 - The investigator completes her work and forwards her report.

June 2017 - I receive an SOR listing 10 financial items. I respond about a week later and request a decision on the record instead of a hearing.

September 2017 - I receive a FORM and respond within a week.

October 21, 2017 - I receive the decision and I am granted a clearance.

Department counsil still has about 10 days to appeal the decision but I can see that happening. I have just started a non-cleared job but it involved a 100 mile round trip commute and doesn’t pay very much better than the cleared offer that I have on the table.

Tomorrow I begin navigation of getting the existing offer, or another, turned into real work. If I end up with the company that sponsored me, my commute will, quite literally, be cut down to about five minutes!

If anyone would like any more information . . . Please feel and ask. I believe that I did an excellent job responding to the investigator, the SOR and the FORM. I would be happy to discuss how I ran through the process with anyone.

Thanks . . .

September 2017 - I

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Sounds like you replied in stellar fashion. Bully for you in defending yourself and proving they listen. I have read the decision blogs. It seems to me in the case of financial issues, if they mentioned 10 items, get into a repayment plan on all 10. Not 3, not 4. All ten. Those doing so can get the clearance and those not making a reasonable effort get denied.

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Congratulations Ed, that is great news! Good luck to you.

Thanks Mike! How are you making out?

Amber . . . Yep . . . They mentioned 10 items but six had already been completely cleaned up. They only totaled about $550 and never should have been there in the first place.

Still waiting for DOS to grant clearance. I got the DOD clearance recently but didn’t have a job after the wait. So now the current offer needs a DOS clearance, been about a month since I submitted Eqip for that. (Thanks for the inquiry, :slight_smile: )

So . . . The judge’s decision and the cover letter I received with the decision are both dated 10/18/2017.

In JPAS, my prospective employer tells me, still says, “eligibility pending”.

Can anyone suggest what this means? Do I have to wait to see if department counsel appeals the decision? Does it just take a few days for JPAS to be updated? Is there yet another hurdle for me to leap like Superman?

It looks like I might still have a few weeks . . . My sponsor talked to DOHA and they agree that everything is complete but said it could take a few weeks to push it out to JPAS.

Is it me, or is this pretty clearly a government project?

I can’t believe that I didn’t update this . . .

On Saturday, 11/4/2017, I received notice that Department Counsel is appealing the judge’s decision in my case. I have to wait to find out what mistake they believe the administrative judge made.

Can anyone tell me if this is simply “business as usual”? Do they always appeal decisions that go against them? Is this the best way to spend our tax dollars?


I’m new to this site and frankly I’m in a pretty significant issue with my JPAS. I am currently mobilized as reservist and just arrived in my new duty station. My gaining unit is unable to grant me access badge due to my clearance showing I don’t have anything. I did my SOR about two months ago. I received my orders to mobilized few weeks ago and had no problems going through my in process at NC prior arriving to my new state. Is there a POC I can call to get this resolve at DOD CAF? As mentioned, I’m in a pretty tight window, either I need this resolve very soon or risk getting sent back to my home of record. Suggestions and thoughts? Thanks


I don’t think that I’m the one to answer your question. There are other who are far more qualitied.

What I CAN tell you is that applicants have access to very little information. There should be a POC at your duty station, similar to an FSO at an industrial site, who can find out what it going on.

Good luck! Keep us informed as what happens.