TS - how long for Expedite

It’s been over four months of waiting for an expedited TS. My eQip/investigation was started July 17, 2017. All interviews were finished over 7 weeks ago. I keep checking with my sponsor (big four for Background Investigations) but am told they do not have a result yet. I’m reading other posts stating a 3 month timeline for a new TS on expedite. Should I be concerned? I want to start training but am in a holding pattern. Any thoughts?

Not to be a negative Nellie, but if the company is SCIS. you will be doing some waiting, and then some more…

The problem with getting your clearance expedited is this does not include adjudication. Adjudication from what I hear is taking a long long time.

Did you finally get your clearance? I just noticed the date you posted this.

8 months and I still have not gotten my clearance. I held a TS for over 20 years in prior government career. My history is very clean. I simply don’t understand.

Sorry . . . It really doesn’t matter that you were previously cleared and it doesn’t matter, much, that you have a clean record. This is how long it now takes to get a clearance.

The process can and should be cleaned up. Files seem to sit at every step for weeks or months until someone gets to them. More bodies? More automation? More reason and individual initiative? I don’t know . . .

In the Army we called that the F-F games (vulgar word insert). I wish you luck and I hope it won’t be too long.