Debt Question-security clearance

Hello Everyone,

So my situation is that I currently hold a TS clearance and have since 2019. I work as a contractor at two different companies full time and one of which is using my clearance. I just found out that the one is ending in January of next year so I am currently in the process with another contractor who is crossing over my clearance with a new customer. I have been through this process before so not new. I just had to resubmit another SF-86 as required by the customer for this particular position and was told that they just do a “review” not a reinvestigation to update any changes since my last BI. I am not past due on any of my financial obligations whatsoever. While I have a few small balance credit cards, two loans and had to finance a used car recently I am in good shape as far as ontime payments are concerned. Now I make between my two jobs 100k + and last I checked the government looks at your debt to income ratio to my understanding which with my minimum payments and monthly income I am still at a good percentage. That all being said will any of this be looked at as unfavorably by the government as too much debt even if my accounts are all up to date and I have enough income to not show it as excessive? Not sure how it works so just seeing if anyone can way in. I’m hoping I am just freaking out over nothing lol but I don’t want to risk my clearance and families security. I look forward to your responses! Thanks

No. I was working part-time for $15/hour with a boatload of student debt when I was granted my TS/SCI.

They care much much more that you are up to date on the debts and have the means to pay. If you had a ton of bills in collections it’d be a very different story. But as long as you pay your bills on time they shouldn’t even discuss it. Investigators review credit report information for anything that is potentially required to be listed on the form (past due bills, charge offs, collections, bankruptcy, etc).