Less thank $10k in debt- Applying for civilian TS/SCI

Hello all, so I’ve been in the military about 4 years and have held a TS/SCI the whole time, and I have about $8k of debt in collections (CC & Student Loans). I just accepted a job as a contractor and I’m filling out my SCI Screening for a clearance. I was in Germany recently where I also had filled out an SF86 and everything went without a hitch. Would this debt stop me from attaining a clearance on the civilian side? It’s a relatively small amount of debt and I’d be able to pay it all off within a few months of working at my new job.

Thank You

Are you making any payments at all on this debt? I think that will help, or at least having a payment plan.

There have been reports on this forum of people getting jammed up for less debt than that, so the amount alone is no indicator.

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I had more debt than you are speaking of but like Subsquirrel said, making payments and showing an effort to take care of those debts is more important than the amount. If you have not already, set up some kind of minimum payment arrangement and have documented proof of that, you will have an opportunity to present that at some point to mitigate any concerns.

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