Concerned Parents

Good Morning:

I’m a Law Enforcement Officer of 20+ years. I have just accepted an offer for a BI job with one of the big contractors. My question is about my clearance background and pardon my ignorance here.

After filling out my SF 86 electronically I realize interviews will be done. I’ve nothing special in my background, have great credit, a solid work history and no medical concerns BUT, my parents (83 and 76 yo respectively) are anxious about being spoken to.

Could anyone weigh in with some solid input that I may pass to them; what they may be faced with for questions, topics, timeframes of questions. My advice to them has been to be honest, and candid but my words don’t seem so comforting apparently. So perhaps with specifics they might relax some, I’m factoring the age in toward their worry.

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There is nothing to be concerned about, parents are not interviewed unless it is to provide coverage for within scope residence or unemployment that can’t be covered by anybody else.


Thanks for the info. I’ve clearly gone ahead and told them and my sisters that they would be interviewed in error. Clearly worrying them prematurely. I’ll let them know to relax.

Am I completely off base in my assumptions that all relatives are interviewed and mailed questionnaires? It would appear that an acquaintance of mine has clearly given me false info about this process.


I do have additional questions

Having my background investigation done on me is an SSBI as I’ve been told correct?

What clearance am I being backgrounded for?

And lastly on a personal note…

Relative to residency in the past 10 years. 4 of those I lived with my ex-girlfriend. I added additional comments on my form indicating that I did not know her phone # (obviously I know the address and provided it). Will they interview her as part of the process? I’d just love to know what she would say.

I ask because with my above question I was clearly given false info from an associate regarding the interview of my parents/sisters.

SSBIs have been replaced by Tier 5 investigations which are usually for Top Secret clearances or if a position has high risk public trust duties and also needs Secret access.
No relatives are interviewed unless they can provide coverage not obtained from others.

If you listed the ex girlfriend as the person who knew you for that residence then she will be interviewed if within the last 5 years.

Gotcha. As it relates to my becoming a BI, what type of clearance or investigation is being done on me? A Tier5?