Secret clearance and permanent resident parents

Hello, hopefully someone can help me clarify if the following is correct. I was offered a tentative job offer with the department of state and was contacted by a clearance coordinator to initiate the process of my investigation in order to obtain a secret clearance. During the initial contact I was asked if I cohabit with a foreign national which I replied no and that I live with my parents (technically one parent since the other lives in the next house). I mentioned this and that my parents are permanent residents. So now I’m filling out an SF-86 for myself and an SF-85p+ps for each of my parents. My parents are both passed retirement age and are frustrated with all the questions especially when they have trouble remembering some of their deceased family members information. I’m just wondering is this correct, do my parents also need to submit these forms or did the person make a mistake?

That’s a supplemental form they make you fill out if they feel they need more detailed information about something that’s potentially a concern. You do need to complete it yourself (your parents should not be filling it out for you). If your parents are complaining but you still intend to complete it, maybe you can explain to them that they can "answer all your questions now, or they can answer the investigator during interviews later (they might interview them either way but might go faster if they provide most of the answers now).

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As an investigator I have literally never heard of this so it must be info the company just wants to keep on file. We do not do paperwork on family members and we do not routinely interview family members unless they are the ONLY ones who can provide necessary coverage. The only questions we need pertaining to your family is the info asked under the relative section and then during your interview we ask the foreign contact questions as well. It is really weird you were given SF85s for your parents. SF85 are for when the subject of the investigation is under consideration for a public trust position.

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Thank you for the response,
My parents are trying their best to respond to everything. I’ve even told my parents, they may even be asked for an interview after they submit their forms and they are ok with that. I’m probably more upset thinking if this was asked in error, then it’s making my parents worry unnecessarily when they cant remember information they’re being asked.

Thank you so much for the response.
At first I didn’t think much of the situation, thought it was just something normal.
But then another person I know who also received a tentative offer letter from department of state for the same position on the same day I did and who also lives with a foreign national parent only had to fill out their Sf-86. I even brought it up the clearence coordinator, that another person in the exact same situation wasn’t asked to do the same. Their response was that foreign cohabitant packages are required for all secret and top secret positions. And now I’m even more confused because I thought cohabitant excluded parent child relationships.

For the SF86/SF86, a cohabitant is someone who lives with you and you are in a relationship (girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé). Your parents are not your cohabitants. The agency you are working for may have their own policies, I can only speak about the actual investigation and not individual agency policies.