Will parents/immediate family always be interviewed for a TS/SCI?

So far…

Two of my references as “close references” were interviewed in person. The other one wasn’t. However, other people have been interviewed in person such as my old roommate, my current roommate, and my aunt.

My immediate family and parents haven’t heard anything. Will they always be interviewed in the process or sometimes do investigators not interview them.

I’m not sure how much longer I have? I feel like it’s close…it’s been a year.

It is not standard to interview them.

Do you know if spouses individual credit is checked for a TS clearance renewal?

I’m curious about this too. My spouse and I have been together 20 years, married for 18+ and I’ve never been contacted for an interview. I would think they’d interview me at least once. They seem to interview the same group of people my spouse has been referring them to all this time.

We don’t routinely interview spouses unless we have to. Former spouses on the other hand…

I don’t know if this is the norm or the exception, but I’ll share my experience.

I filled out my SF-86 for a TS/SCI job almost a year ago (Jan 2020). I live and work in a remote area (no, not Area 51. I promise you that) and many of the references I listed also happened to work in the same building that I work in. Because my investigator was based in a much less remote city about 3 hours from where I live, he wanted to just make one trip up to my town and ideally knock off all of his in-person interviews in one go.

He drove up in Feb 2020 (just before COVID!) and I was able to escort him into my building and arrange meetings in empty offices/conference rooms. He interviewed me, my supervisor, two of my other references, a neighbor who I didn’t reference who also happened to conveniently work in the same building, and a co-worker who I didn’t reference all in the same day within a couple of hours or so.

The periods of time that each person mentioned above have known me covered the 10 year scope of the investigation, so I don’t think he searched out any additional interviews. I don’t think any of my direct family was contacted by him because if they were, they probably would have mentioned it to me in passing by now.

I think the general formula is that they want to interview a handful of people with varying levels of association with you that cover the scope of the investigation. My belief is that they will only seek out additional interviews if any new red flags or discrepancies pop up. Take this with a huge grain of salt. I am not an investigator and this is just my personal experience.