Family Personal Information

I was contacted by a family member (sibling) who was informed by a DHS contractor that their clearance paperwork was incomplete. My siblings and I were born abroad to US parents in the armed forces. The contractor requested copies of our birth certificates (FS240s). This seemed peculiar to me so I asked for contact information and spoke to the contractor. He wasn’t able to give me details for the need of this requirement or accept another form of “proof of citizenship” like a passport id. I’m uncomfortable with sending a copy of a breeder document to someone I have no connection or need, especially after being victim to the OPM leak. Does anyone have any guidance, regulations, disclosure rules or, even, familiarity with a request like this? I honestly don’t think the contractor is phishing, but he may be misinformed.

Some background: I, and several other family members, hold a TS/SCI /w poly and none of us have ever been required to submit another person’s birth certificate. None of my coworkers have experienced this either, but most of us are DoD.

Some agencies require the investigator to “sight inspect” meaning actually see documents and report they saw the documents.

this is rare. Normally, the investigation only needs the information from the 240. This was supposed to be reported when the Subject initially submitted their questionnaire. The investigator probably suggested your family member have a copy so the correct information can be collected.

The DHS contract investigator will have credentials that were presented to the family member during their meeting. Also, the investigator should not accept the information directly from you, but from the family member that is going through the investigation.

You can review a copy of the SF86 on line to see the information required from the 240 for the investigation.

Having a TS/SCI w/poly then you should know the FS 240 information for each family member born abroad is needed to complete the questionnaire.