Father Lives Overseas - Question about TS

I don’t have a good relationship with my father. He is foreign born and lives in his birth country. Will investigators attempt to reach out to him?


Is there a reason why you would not want an Investigator to reach out to him?

No- I don’t want to reach out to him. I don’t want to ask family for his contact info and then I don’t want to reach out in order to ask if he still has his naturalization paperwork and would he mind finding it for me.

My advice is that you will have to get past your issues with your dad, however real and legitimate they may be, and contact him for that information. It’s a necessary part of the process.

In the alternative, you can work all your family contacts to get the required information. This process does not require you to have a relationship with your father or to be in contact with your father. However, it does require you to provide certain information about your father, including current address, naturalization certificate number, etc. etc. If you can get all that information without contacting your father than you have fulfilled your requirements.

Whether or not an investigator contacts your father is another story and not up to you, so no sense in worrying about it. You can only control how cooperative (or uncooperative) you are in the investigation, which will impact the investigation’s outcome. You cannot control who is interviewed and what questions are asked.


If you don’t want to contact your father for the info just tell the investigator that. If there is an underlying reason why you don’t want to contact him (ie. he treated your mother poorly, he abused you, he is a nefarious gangster) that is helpful information to tell your investigator as well. Just give them as much as information as you know. There is NO requirement that you establish relationships with people who may be harmful to you and/or a bad influence in your life and that reflects favorably upon you.

I didn’t want to reach out to my ex-husband either. I got the information I needed from his sister because she and I had remained friends. I had another relative I really didn’t want to contact, but I had no good alternative so I had to reach out directly. I also know that you can declare that you do not know how to get in touch with or you don’t know their information or some such wording. If this is true for you with regard to your father, you can declare that.

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