Foreign contacts contacted?

Hi everyone,

Bit of an odd question here, but does anyone know if your foreign contacts are directly contacted ever as part of a security investigation? Or are they just checking their names against lists to make sure you’re not chilling with members of the Iranian Republican Guard or something? I couldn’t find the answer to this question anywhere else.

Thank you!

Yes they run the contacts name and talk to sources who knows about you having foreign contacts

Okay, I was assuming that, but will they call or visit my foreign contacts directly?

Depends on what they find when looking up your contacts if they are in the United States

If you list the foreign contact as someone you know well then they might but they definitely going asked you where they live and job address and if they affiliated with a foreign government

No they won’t reach out to your foreign contacts, since you you’ve asked at least 3 times, I figured you deserved an answer.


Ah, okay. Thank you!

They run the Foreign Contacts name through their databases to see if any of them are flagged. Also Adjudicators can ask for more info if they feel that insufficient info was provided.

This happened with me where they ran my Foreign Contacts names against their IC databases. No red flags came up, but I was not able to provide contact info for them. I had not seen them in over 10 years and did not have any contact information. I was sent a letter and responded immediately explaining the situation. Then an adjudicator from PA called me and we discussed it again. That same afternoon I got notice from my job that I was cleared.

It depends I did an interview with a foreign contact because the person listed the people you know well and they were all foreign contacts living in the USA :woman_shrugging:t5:

They will interview sources who knows about your foreign contacts :woman_shrugging:t5:

Why did you list foreign contacts that you hadn’t seen in ten years and didn’t have contact information? The question is based on “close and continuing contact”.

That’s the thing, I didn’t list them. The investigator was a newbie and didnt know properly how to do his job. He took it way too serious and would not let the foreign contact issue go.

He contacted me 2 days after the ESI and asked to meet in person because he said that it was developed during the investigation that I had foreign contacts. I didnt list them because I had not seen them in over a decade or spoken to them.

When I explained this to the investigator he said that several sources told him that I have family overseas. When I explained that yes they are distant family and indeed overseas but I dont talk to them, he wouldn’t accept that as an answer. He wanted names and phone numbers and addresses. I didnt have any of this info, so he asked me to contact them on facebook, right in front of him. Even though this was something I have never asked a Subject to do, I did it because I wanted it to be over with. When I realized that they are not on facebook or any of my social media he got more frustrated and mumbled ‘yeah right, ok’ under his breath.

At the end of the follow up interview I asked him what contractor he worked for and for his supervisor info. He was reluctant to give it to me and said that this was a serious matter and that he feels that I am not being honest about foreign family members and not speaking to them. He asked what kind of family does not talk to eachother and that everything sounds shady. He told me I was not being cooperative and that he was going to report my lack of cooperation.

I contacted his FM, who I knew when we worked at CACI together, and let him know what happened. We both laughed about it and he said that I’m not the first to complain. He told me that the investigator already has one disciplinary action for raising his voice at a Subject when the Subject was checking her phone.

I found out about a month later that the investigator was terminated and that they had to rework his items since he had an open IA investigation.

The adjudicator who I talked to said that he is following procedure and that it was a formality. He said he is calling me about the foreign contacts, who I dont have contact, because it was in the ROI. He had my response on file that I mailed him and said that the info just needed to match.

I told the adjudicator about the investigator and he laughed and said that this kind of incident is all too common now because the contractors were desperate to hire people.