Foreign Contacts Phone Numbers

I’m going for a Top Secret.

Last month I had my personal interview. We went over my foreign contacts listed on SF-86. For each contact, the investigator asked me if I could provide their phone number. I had phone numbers for some but not all (In retrospect I probably didn’t need to list as many as I did as I’ve only had brief work interactions with them). The investigator wrote down the phone numbers I gave him. He also asked for email addresses for 2 who work near me.

Are they going to call/email these foreign contacts? Seems odd as I don’t believe the contacts know anything about my clearance status. I haven’t discussed it with them. So wouldn’t an investigator contacting them reveal to them info we wouldn’t want them as foreign contacts to know?

Just because the investigator asks for contact information does not automatically mean they will be contacted. I am an investigator and we are always suppose to collect as much information as we can. Often times we collect information that we never use. Unless these contact are needed to provide necessary coverage, like coworker coverage, more than likely they will not be contacted.

As an investigator I can only answer questions concerning the investigation process and not the adjudication process. Investigators are given standard questions they have to ask in certain situations. So in your case, foreign owned property. The investigator just went through a checklist of questions that have to be asked should the Subject own foreign property. Investigators are never made aware of the results of an investigation. Once we complete our part and submit our report we never hear about it again. At the beginning of your interview your investigator should have read you a list of disclaimers which included telling you that the adjudicator who reads the final report looks at the whole picture when making their decision, anyone who tries to tell you more than that is merely speculating. Good luck.

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