TS Clearance - Foreign family

Hi there,

So I am currently in the process of getting a job that requires a TS but I’m worried about one thing.

My mom came to the US from South Korea when she was around 19 years old with my biological dad and two older brothers. I was born in the US while my mom and oldest brother are citizens of the US right now, one of my brothers is still not a citizen. My dad left and went back to South Korea after divorcing with my mom and I’m estranged from him and haven’t contacted him for about 4 years now. Both my brothers haven’t been to South Korea since they came here when they were like 3 years old. My brother has been working on getting his US citizenship and he should be getting it by the end of the year. They both went to college here and have no criminal background. Both of my brothers have declined to serve in the Korean military and don’t have foreign passports so my question is, will the fact that one of my brothers is not a US citizen be an automatic rejection for my attempt at receiving a top security clearance? I have never been to a different country and don’t speak any foreign languages or have any contact with anyone or any asset overseas. I’ve also never been in financial or legal trouble and I can’t tell if I am being paranoid about if I am going to get this top security clearance for a job or not.

Thank you for the help!

As long as you disclosed all of this information and explained the circumstances of why the one brother is still not a U.S. citizen then if there are no other issues regarding foreign relatives, preference, or involvement, the concerns can be mitigated.