Security Clearance chances


I am applying for the army HPSP program where I require a secret level security clearance.

I was born in the united states but I have a dual citizenship in south korea due to my parent’s nationality. I have used my foreign passport once in the past and I have submitted my foreign passport and signed the citizenship renunciation form. My father works in south korea but has no affiliation with the south korean government while I am living with my mother. I am sponsoring my mother for permanent residentship and she has no affiliation with the south korean government and wants to live in the USA to be close to her children and to work as a teacher.

I understand that foreign influence may be a problem in obtaining a security clearance, but is my situation indicate that I will not be able to obtain a clearance at all?


No, it may take a bit longer to process, but there appears to be nothing that would prevent you from getting cleared as long as you provide as much detailed information in order to mitigate foreign influence and foreign preference concerns.

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Concur with Marko. Giving up the passport and signing the form you speak to is generally enough. I have foreign contacts since 1982, report all of them and it has never been an issue and I have cleared TS since 1995. It can slow things down based on how often the contact is there, is there a transference of wealth to and from, a retirement income of sorts that could possibly influence your decision on loyalty. I have co-workers married to South Korean by birth, nationalized US Citizens now with annual visits from the South Korean family members. No issues for this person as well.