Top Secret Level - South Korea Position for Naturalized man (originally Korean)

Dear All,
I am an IT Network engineer and would like to work federal related engineering position in South Korea.
The requirement for clearance level is Top Secret.

My goal: I would like to get position in Korea which require US Citizenship and clearance.

Current Situation: I am US Citizen with no clearance and I am naturalized( was not born in US but grew up Korea and still have family and my son (2 yrs old) and my wife are still dual citizen. I don’t have any business, money in Korea but my son received monthly benefit ($150) from Korean government (this benefit is for all Korean children who is under 5)

Question: 1 - Should my family give up Korean citizenship for my clearance?
Question 2: Is it hard to work and get Top secret if I was grow up in Korea and the position is in Korea too? Or it really doesn’t matter?

If there is possibility that I can get the job in Korea, I will apply a few IT company that handle Federal related IT work and has position in Korea.

Thank you so much!!

There is no sure fire guarantee of getting a job in S. Korea just because you were born there. However, if the position requires someone who is fluent in Korean then that may be to your advantage. Your wife and son still being citizens of Korea is an issue, especially since it seems you have voluntarily sought benefits for your son from the S. Korean government even though he , I am assuming, was born in the U.S. This issue falls under foreign influence. If you are serious about applying for jobs requiring a clearance then I advise you to take steps to mitigate this concern.