Potential issues for Secret clearance

I have received an offer from a well known DoD contractor. I am able to start working on uncleared work while my clearance is being processed. Now, my concern is if these would present an issue to even get one:

Born and raised in Peru (US ally)
Became US citizen last year (2022)
Parents live in Peru (they are both retired)
Only stable foreign contact is my best friend who still lives in Peru and has a US tourist visa, she came to visit me for a week a couple years ago
Sibling is here on a work visa through employer
Got divorced in 2020 - no contact with ex wife, divorce wasn’t the most amicable
Current girlfriend is a US citizen but was born and raised in Cuba
Parents still reside in Cuba but she has petitioned for them to come to the states as legal permanent residents
Only have some credit card debt

Do I stand a chance on getting a secret clearance? I’m scared of taking a huge risk by leaving my current job

Although I cannot offer any prediction on how your case will turn out, I can tell you I’ve worked with numerous people with similar backgrounds who did get secret clearances. One guy was from a country neighboring Peru and he went back to visit fairly often.

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You very recently became a US citizen.
However it sounds like you’ve been in the US for several years now.
Your interview will be lengthier than others, however barring any other issues, you’ll probably be fine.

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