Security Clearance Concerns

Hello everyone, I’d like to become an officer in the US Military. However, I have dual citizenship, Mexican and American. I lived in Mexico for 21 years. Could that hinder the top-secret security clearance process in any way?
I’ve never used the Mexican passport and am willing to give it up if required.
I haven’t voted in any Mexican election.
I’ve never been engaged in any ilegal activity.
I don’t drink alcohol.
I don’t smoke.
I’ve been living in Texas for five years and a half.
what would you say are my chances of obtaining a DoD top-security clearance?

Your dual citizenship

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Chances are like everything, it depends.

Not impossible by any means but you will be subject to extra scrutiny.

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Like everyone else said, extra scrutiny on your foreign associations and activities.
I’ve answered yes on some of the things you listed and more, and I was just fine…
So nothing to worry about, just be truthful.