U.S / Mexico Dual Citizen

Hi! I’ll be going through a Secret security clearance and I have a question about my dual citizenship. I was born in the U.S., but my parents also gave me Mexican citizenship a few months after I was born. I have never voted in Mexican elections and only lived there for about 6 years when I was kid. The last time I had a Mexican passport was when I was 10 years old, it’s been 20 years since then. Do you think this may be an issue for my clearance? Thank you for all that you do helping us with all these questions.

You will get extra scrutiny, will need an interview but unless there are other concerns on your case, does not look to be a show stopper.

If you don’t want Mexican citizenship destroy your passport and renounce your intentions. Dual is technically allowed on many contracts but it will cause delay and complications in your process.

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Overall, to answer your question, no. Dual citizenship is not typically an issue. Just adds an additional step or two to the clearance process.

You’ll have an interview, which not all secret level clearances require. They’ll just want your citizenship information for both places. You might have to meet your investigator in person for the interview (provided the covid situation is over by then) and bring all your passports, foreign or domestic, current or expired, to be reviewed.

They’ll also scrutinize your foreign contacts section. Make sure to be honest there. List any extended family or friends who may still be foreign citizens, whether they live in the states or not. For your immediate family you’ll need all of their citizenship/naturalization information when you complete the form.

The best advice (other than being honest) is to pay good attention when you complete the form. Read the questions well and make sure you understand them and list things accurately. You don’t want to come across as trying to hide anything if a bunch of contacts (or anything else in general) are left off.

I see no issue. You are US born and the US does not recognize dual citizenship. A passport as a minor will not be any trouble.

I’m Canadian born and have derived citizenship but while employed with USG I applied for no foreign passports nor claimed any rights granted by birth. It was “USA all the way” and I made a very long career out of it. I never had to renounce any citizenship. Sure there will be a few extra questions, I had them too, but remember I got into the US with a green card. And it was still all just a formality.

Anything you did regarding non-US citizenship after age 18 is where the big issue will reside.