Secret Clearance Recent Substance Abuse Counseling

Hello All,

I will be submitted for a DoD Secret clearance in late August by a private defense contractor. I am 22 years old and am a recent college graduate. I am a bit concerned with my recent substance abuse counseling for tobacco and marijuana, as I know this is something I need to disclose in addition to the use itself. I had two sessions, on June 25th and July 6th. This counseling was completely voluntary. I went to a licensed substance abuse counselor that worked with my university, and he determined that my recent marijuana use was only substance misuse, not abuse, and that the counseling was mainly for tobacco. He has given me a favorable prognoses, where he does not believe that I will not be at risk for using it in the future, and that it was simply circumstantial being in college.

In addition to this favorable prognosis by the counselor, I will be signing a letter of intent to show that I do not intend to use marijuana at all in the future. I don’t believe that it has a place in the professional setting, and I want to do everything I can to mitigate security concerns. I only ever smoked marijuana in social settings, such as frat parties when it was offered to me. I will be leaving the setting of my use behind as I move away from university into my adult life.

Due to the recency of my marijuana use and the substance abuse counseling, what are my chances of obtaining a DoD Secret security clearance?

Your age at the time of use and change of surroundings will be mitigating factors (I think). Maybe the counseling will also help.

You’re a bit old to be experimenting with this stuff, and it doesn’t make a difference if you bought it or someone gave it to you… You made the choice to use it so don’t hide behind “the I didn’t buy it” excuse with investigator who asks about it. Happy to hear that you’ll be leaving this type of legal activity in your past, and moving forward without it. Just be honest on forms, honest with investigator, and keep on maturing as a person you want others to model for integrity, trustworthiness and maturity. Good luck.