SF-85P - Proof of Payment

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New here to the forum. I’m finding it very informative and helpful. A believer in honesty and transparency, I disclosed in section 24 of the SF-85P application I failed to file taxes for 4 years dating back to 2017 due to caring for loved ones who have since passed and a divorce which I explained in the application. Prior to background check process, I hired a IRS EA to file and have since paid in full the the 2 years I owed and awaiting refund for the other 2 years. I received a letter of concern via email requesting a response and to show proof of payment. I have all my receipts showing I’ve paid the 2 years owed. My “account transcripts” for 2 years reflect both payments but return transcripts do not. I’m assuming due the pandemic there’s lag time with the IRS updating filed tax statuses which I’m not able to provide proof to show they were actually filed. Any advice or suggestion on how to prepare a solid response which will put this issue to rest?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure the payments would show up in the ‘return transcript’ that should appear in the ‘payment transcript.’ You should also be able to print out something that shows you have a zero balance. If you have any receipts (cancelled checks or a receipt from an online payment) I would think that would help as well.

Personally speaking, I don’t know if adjudicators really understand all this, I had one ask me for info which simply was not available. By some miracle I still had some copies of really old tax returns and got things cleared up.


You are on the right path. You probably told your investigator or FSO that you have taken care of this issue — and the adjudicator is following up.

Provide the payment proof for the two years you owed and the 1040 for the two years you are owed the refund with the explanation (and request receipt) that you requested the refund transcripts but the IRS has not responded.

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