SF 86 Employment Discipline question

Hello all, I am currently in the process for a SECRET clearance as a government contractor. My question is in reference to the question:

For this employment, in the last seven (7) years have you received a written warning, been officially reprimanded, suspended, or disciplined for misconduct in the workplace, such as a violation of security policy?”

I work in LE and was reprimanded just over 7 years prior (2013) to submitting my SF-86, so it falls out of the time range of the question. I originally disclosed this on my SF-86 prior to official submission; however was advised by the company FSO (who walks applicants through the process reviews and advises when to submit) to redact this entry as it did not fall within the timeline. I also have a foreign born spouse who is a United States citizen, however, we have foreign family members and friends. I originally put them all into my SF-86 but was also told to redact the majority of them as it was not necessary.

I just had a limited interview with my investigator over my foreign contacts. I told him that I was advised to redact all of them and we went over all of them and I disclosed every foreign contact that I have. He seemed to not be concerned with it However, I’m concerned with the issue as well as not disclosing my reprimand, despite it being past 7 years. This is the only reprimand or issue I have received at work (I disregarded a call for service regarding a bogus complaint of a suspicious person call made by a frequent caller who reported erroneous calls, which the caller then made a complain. I was honest about the incident and told my admin of my intentions and that I believed it to be bogus, which they agreed and advised that however bogus I think; i still need to respond to all calls whether I believe them to be LE matter on not; therefore i received a reprimand ). I have been otherwise exemplary and received officer of the year award the following year and have been in multiple specialty assignments with commendations.

I just reviewed my initial SF-86 review that I had saved prior to submission, which contains all of this info (foreign contacts, as well as the incident) prior to being advised to redact it by company FSO. Would it be wise to send this to the investigator as I had explained to him that this information was originally entered into my SF-86 but received instructions to take it out. My original intention was to disclose this info, but as I have repeated, I was advised by the company to redact the info. I also understand that it’s not necessary or unwise to disclose things that do not apply or not within the scope as it can create additional burden on the Investigator as it is not pertinent information. I am very confused and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If the incident was outside the required reporting window, leave it out.

The foreign contacts should have been listed. It was your form and you signed it saying it was all true…

Thank you thor. I agree, it’s on no one but myself… Unfortunately, I did disclose the incident as my records will be reviewed and I dont want to leave any questions despite this being almost 8 years prior to the completing the SF 86, so yes this was past the scope of the question. Was this a mistake? The foreign contacts we went over and I included more than I actually needed like people that I really have no contact with other than once every few years when we visit family. These are all friends and family from Panama. Thanks again, I’m super stressed out as the job requires that I essentially need to resign from my job and attend training while still undergoing the BI. If I want to go there is no other way around it as if I was to not be able to attend the required training I would be removed from the entire process and position that I have been in the process for close to 8 months now. Thanks again.

You are stressing way too much about it.
At this point it is out of your hands anyway.
Let the chips fall where they may.

If your reprimand was 7+ years ago and an isolated incident, this will be mitigated very easily…
As far as your foreign contacts, you talked about them in your interview, and gave them an explanation as to why they were not listed.

So just relax :wink:


Thanks! Yes, lol, I’m stressed for sure. I would be way more comfortable if I had the option to start after the process was over. I’m probably stupid for leaving a secure job for the one I am seeking, however it’s something I really have a drive to do and am otherwise excited. And yes it was an isolated incident.

Does not appear to be a show stopper.

Disciplinary action is outside reporting period. Getting incorrect advice on who to list from a cognizant authority is pretty common.

You should be ok.

Moral of the story when filling into any security questionnaire: Provide ALL information the form asks for.

So, in regards to the foreign contacts, I did list essential family members but was only told to take off friends and other family who we have less contact with. Those are who I shared with the investigator, but were also told to Initially take out. I also did a bio sketch on family in addition to the sf 86. One that I had put on the review I was even told during the interview that I don’t need to list due to extremely limited contact. I’ve never done this on a BI, so I do think it’s confusing to a point (foreign contacts) despite the instructions.

I initially put likely more people than I needed out of fear/safety from the instructions so was told to remove them…so some of them I needed per contact and others I did not due to lack thereof. This is what we went over on the interview as I had already made a grand list of all possible contacts and provided them. So end the end…not all of them were used despite the fact that I had all the info and shared it as to who fits and who does not. It’s all spouse’s friends and family, people who I talk to in person when I see them once annually or biannual or wave hi to on facetime when my wife is talking to them; but not people I would just call up and have a conversation with or visit on my own. My wife stays tight with her friends and family and talks to them all on a fairly regular basis. But I don’t otherwise have any business or need to contact them.