SF86 uncertainty on exact number of instances of drug use (THC)

So I submitted my SF86 a couple weeks ago and was honest and disclosed my brief experimental marijuana use in high school (more than 6 years ago but less than 7, I was less than 16 at the time), I wrote 2 times as that is all I could recall, however recently, a week after I submitted, I realized that I might have missed a third instance. I am 100% certain that it happened no more than 3 times, but I don’t know whether or not it actually happened three times and not just two.

The main issue is that since it happened so long ago I am very uncertain about whether or not this third instance occured and now it’s making me question the circumstances of the occurances (now I can’t remember whether or not I was made to pay to try it in one of the instances).

I explained very clearly about the usage on the sf86 and the fact that I quickly distanced myself and stopped associating with those people when I no longer wanted to be apart of that kind of stuff, however because it happened so long ago and because it happened during such a brief period of time, it’s hard to remember any specific details which is worrying.

I have a clearance interview soon and I plan to disclose this predicament to correct it, however I just want input on the gravity of this situation and whether or not there are any actions that need to be taken that I haven’t considered. This has been bothering me greatly as other than this I have a spotless record, so this is the only thing that could potentially disqualify me.

tl;dr: Said I tried weed 2 times >6 years ago, unsure whether not actually 2 or 3. Now I don’t know for certain whether or not I had to pay at any of the times I tried it. Don’t remember much which is stressing me out because I don’t want anything to be missed/incorrect.

Any input would be appreciated.

The gravity of the issue? There is none . . . You will be just fine.

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That is reassuring. I understand that the time and frequency in my case heavily mitigates this offense, so the offense itself isn’t what’s predominantly troubling (although still troubling in general).

I was just concerned that just even needing to correct this kind of information post sf86 submission wouldn’t look so good and delay my investigation heavily, especially if I might be adding an instance of purchase. Nevertheless, I plan to report the situation to my investigator and hope to not have it ruin my chances. Thanks.

So when this comes up during the interview, it may go something like this: you say it was one or two times, and the investigator says, well, could it have been four or five? And maybe you say, I don’t think so, but maybe. Then he might say, well, could it have been ten? Twenty?

There are enough cases where somebody puts down “one or two” and it ends up they were a serious drug user. So if you put down two or three and it really was just two or three, then it should not be a problem. BUT… if it turns out to be something different, then it might be more of a concern.


Stand your ground and make clear it was certainly 2, but definitely not more than 3. I told a guy to estimate once and he put down 50 or 60 times. Okay that was far more than he discussed and moved him well beyond experimental user to heavy user. When you mentioned the part about paying…I assume you mean you do not recall if you bought the MJ…not that a friend said I will let you smoke…but it is a dollar a puff!?

Thanks for the input.

About the part about the paying, at the time of posting I was still unsure whether or not I had actually paid, however after spending a lot of time trying to remember I am pretty convinced that I did indeed had to pay in one of the instances in which I tried. In particular, I believe I paid to use it soon after. Because it happened so long ago, it is difficult to recall clearly how the event transpired, but I have strong reason to believe that there was paying involved, enough to report it.

Simply put, I wrote down what I knew to the best of my ability at the time, but now that I have more refined details on what exactly occurred, I plan to promptly report them to my investigator during the interview and see what I can do to correct this error timely and to the best of my ability.

What came of this? In a similar situation myself