Should I self cancel my COE?

I just received my COE in the mail today and I’m not sure if I should accept it.

I’m a college student and I smoked cannibas a total of 2-3 times in my life, the most recent being ~ 10 months ago.

Of course I didn’t know that I wanted to work for the government when I did do the drugs, it’s the only drug usage I have.

Should I just self cancel or hope that I can mitigate it through the security clearance, the agency says that they “generally” don’t accept drug usage prior to 12 months…

I should note that this is a three letter agency, not the fbi/dea though.

My advice is to keep going and to keep clean . . . Trust me, by the time you get seriously looked at, you will be beyond 12 months.

Of course, since you already have your COE, talk to the company and work it out with them. They should give you solid advice.

Clearances are taking six, twelve, eighteen, months: If you are at 10 now, I suspect that you will be able to work past it.

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Hmm not even sure if I should go through the hassle.

Not like I can postpone the COE so I get over the 12 month mark.

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Don’t self cancel…

It depends a bit on the specific agency. I applied to one that made it explicitly clear that one year meant one year and that the one year extended back from the date of your application: not the date of your interview, not the date of your COE, not the date of your investigation. The one year started on the date that you submitted your application. The also said that if you had used any illegal drugs, or misused any prescription medication in the one year period preceding your application, that you should simply notify one of the briefers and remove yourself from the application process.

Although all of the Big 5 mention drug use in their application process, some are more direct about requiring one year without use.


It’s also in your favor that it was only a few times. If were a regular smoker until 10 months ago, I would agree with waiting. Not in this case.

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Which was this? NSA, CIA,FBI?

Just curious because it would save me a lot of time and heartache, I can always reapply next year…

I have had employees get revoked. I tell them wait for the SOR and get back with me. I can advise on what must be mitigated. I usually get the runaround, claiming they lost the SOR, or don’t remember what was on it. I won’t help without seeing it. Some interpret the one year wait as “after a year you will be cleared again.” Simply not the case. You are free to apply and must state you had a revocation, and the reason. From there you need build a compelling case why you should be trusted this time around when you clearly did not live up t the agreement last time. And they should expect a deep dig regarding whatever the revocation was for.

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@obviousthrowaway9912 It was with CIA within the past year.

With the CIA, just don’t put all your eggs in that basket!