Stupid question about presenting mitigating factors(ENLISTED MIL)

I’ll be joining the Military in a few months and it will require a TS/SCI. I assume that process starts after BMT(Air Force/Air National Guard). I messed up my taxes and had to file an amended return for 2018 as well as had filed and pay a local tax in 2017 and 2018.

I did not like this mistake and took two tax prep courses to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Both came with a Certificate of Completion. When can I give them these? Do I do that after BMT? Do I bring a flash drive to BMT with these? Do I attach them to my SF86 with an explanation? What if I do the e quip? Is there a way to attach them electronically?

As I said, a stupid question maybe.

I’m sure that they will take these during an interview but I think that you are overthinking this. An amended return isn’t a big deal, they are incredibly common. As I stated here recently, the government isn’t looking for perfect people. They are looking for honest people.

Did you and I already discuss this?

Yes we did…

I’m just trying my best I suppose. Scares me at the thought of going enlisted for 6 years at a certain job, failing the clearance and then getting some bum job for 6 years.

An amended tax return is making a correction to a previous tax filing. This is allowed by the IRS so nothing wrong here.

They are looking for those who fail to pay taxes or are delinquent on any federal debt.

Yeah I failed to pay my local taxes in 2017 and 2018 because I was under the impression you are taxed where you work, not where you live, but my local city was a little different. When I received a letter I fixed the issue asap though.

But did you file the local tax where your worked on time? Or did you not file at all? If it is the first, I still think it’s a non issue because you did pay state/city and federal taxes but mistakenly paid to the wrong state/city and corrected this through a tax amendment.

However if you failed to file altogether and fixing this now, that’s a different story.

I work in one city. That tax is automatically deducted from my paycheck. So I’ve always paid for the city I worked in. I found out about my failure to pay 2017 and 2018 local taxes about a month ago and I sent payment and they filed and finalized it. I was not aware I needed to pay tax in the city that I lived, just that I pay tax in the city I work.

If you resolved this issue and disclosed it, this issue alone should not prevent you from getting a clearance.

Appreciate it. Hope it all works that way.