suitable for public trust?

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I want to start by saying thank you for your time and willingness to address my questions. I am going straight to the facts and as bad as they can sound, and I know it’s not an excuse, I was going to a really tough time at the personal level when my situation occurred. Here is the facts:

  1. I enter federal agency march 2016 probation one year, in december 2016 I was charged with DUI ( honestly B.S charge) due to all the ridiculous circumstances of my charges and because I was on probation I met with my manager and I was told that I would be allow to quit get my situation fix and come back to the agency.

  2. In October 2016 joined air force reserve

  3. In May 2017 charge got dismissed and approved for expungement and almost immediately talked to my manager and began to apply to the agency for reinstatement. Had to do medical, SF-86 having many issues submitting this document due to I was in clear status because my background investigation was less than 5 years ago,so some people said I did not need one and other people said I did need one, I finally was able to submitted late I believe June 2017 explaining the charge DUI charge/outcome.

  4. In July 2017 I was sent to the air force MOS/technical school in sheppard air force base in texas to start my career in the air force. I literally ■■■■■■ up and got on base DUI, that was a real charge and take full responsibility for it. The on base police did not fingerprint me, they did breathalyzer and called my first sergeant and released me to him, no booked no fingerprints no action on my drivers license. After that they sent me back home and I met with my commanding officer as soon as I got back to my home base about what the outcome was going to be, I did not get any official notification of what they were going to do until Nov 2017. My commanding officer decided that due to I was not trained in any job in the air force, he would not put me on NJP/ART 15/demotion/Captain’s mass (usual punishment for this offense) but instead he would give me a letter of reprimand and give me a general under honorable discharge with the option to fight it.

  5. I decided to fight it and my package was sent to the Airforce headquarters in January 2018.

  6. I joined the federal agency again in June 2018 and have been working here since then with no issues.

  7. In June 2020 I was informed that I lost my appeal to the Air force and I was being discharged with a general under honorable conditions due to failing school, not for the dui that occurred in 2017.

  8. I have not had any other kind of issues since then professionally or in personal life…

  9. Got my email for my 5 years investigation a few days ago and I am terrified to even start filling out the paperwork, I can’t even sleep. I am about to have a nervous breakdown. Already had to call in sick because of this.

Sorry I know it is a lot of info but need to give you the facts. Here are the my questions:

  1. How do I best approach or report this situation? I mean put the general discharge for failing to complete school and report the detention that occurred in the air force base?

  2. How do I approach the fact that it is not in my SF-86? Even though it was after the fact

that I sent it? I never met with a BI to make changes to my SF-86 or explain anything in it.

  1. I did not report it to the 2017 DUI because I was not with the federal agency, it occurred prior to me coming back to the federal agency.

  2. any background investigator or adjudicator that could get an opinion of this situation?

I know every BI/adjudicator is different and every situation is different but any input would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

If you were just notified that you are due for a five-year update that means you have a TS or TS/SCI clearance that was granted about five (or six) years ago (anything else would be on a ten year schedule). How does that fit in?

Anyway at this point all you can do is be truthful when filling out the form. If you filled out your last SF-86 five years ago that was before all this happened. I’m not sure why you got a clearance back then that is still active, but you should have reported the 2016 DUI when it happened to your security officer. Not sure about the other incident on the military base.

You will need to somehow work the military DUI into the story even though you werent charged and it was not the cause of your discharge, as there is almost certainly some record of it on a military police or security forces record somewhere.

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