The Background Investigator's role in your investigation

There is no place for opinions in the NBIB reporting style- they would be removed at the direction of the reviewer if there were.

Unless your unknown cousin was involved in criminal behavior, a foreign national, or other such behavior - he would never be in your report by a NBIB investigator. Again, the review process would have pulled that from the ROI.

The NBIB investigation process has no interest in the “gotcha” syndrome.

Backgdinvestigator , I totally agree with how you say it ought to be but I am the one who lived the information that i gave him and the cool thing about the truth , it’s pretty easy to remember. So when i give him the facts as they happened and then i see how he transcribed them in his report, it makes me want to scream. And i don’t know that the review process or anyone else could discern whether that stuff needed to be removed or not. To anyone but me it might read fairly normal. My eyes are the only eyes who would read that report and wonder why this fictional character is in it. Regardless of all that nonsense i have made it this far and am focusing on what needs to be said and heard at my hearing in a few days. Twenty one months feels like a million years ago and I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished when i was faced with what I’m sure anyone would agree with , to be insurmountable circumstances. I just didn’t know that in addition to what I already had on my plate that i would receive the kind of help (sarcasm ahem ) I got from my investigator. I will be putting all that behind me , I just hope that man has found another profession so this won’t happen to anyone else. It still infuriates me and in my opinion he should have to face the same fines and imprisonment that i was .

backgdinvestigator, why did this case take so long:

I mean, that’s a LOOONG time. Just wondering because all cases are (obviously) different.

I don’t know why it took so long. You would not be able to tell simply from the DOHA transcript.

There are too many ways a case can take too long.

I am curious how the cousin made an appearance in the report. That is the part that makes no sense to me.

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True. Sorry for the open-ended question. I guess that’s the same for almost any case.

There are so many ways the timeliness of a case can go sideways. Some the investigators/NBIB controls, some the subject controls, and some are controlled by the mysterious gnomes…

Please believe that there is no investigator or agent that hangs onto a case needlessly.

Thank you mr. Farmer for your advice I surely appreciate that . The judge and the attorney for the D.O.E. both spoke the same words as you for the information that will be discussed at the hearing. I feel mostly prepared for the hearing although I can’t help but worry about my execution defending myself. I don’t think I’m very well spoken I probably write better than I speak that I worry about that most.

I’m sorry I did have an actual cousin and you were right about the criminal offense. My cousin had givin me a bag of marijuana for Christmas. I had never had a chance to even touch that but got pulled over for DWI and with it still in my pocket that night. Does it not matter when he tells the story in his report whether the details are in fact true. And the reason that it has taken so long is I had a lot on my plate, a colorful past say it how you want. I believe I have overcome and explained most everything that was on their sor. And I want as bad as they do for them to be confident in whom they are giving clearanceto

One thing to remember . . . Well . . . Two things to remember . . .

One: The lawyer on the other side is NEVER going to turn your way and agree that you should have a clearance. This is an adversarial relationship and someone has told him that you don’t deserve a clearance and it’s his job to prevent you from getting one.

Two: The judge, while neutral on the case, will help you through the hearing if you are defending yourself. This isn’t a courtroom it’s more of an arbitration environment. In the one hearing that I have attended, the judge even worked with the applicant’s lawyer to help her prepare some documentation that she needed to submit after the hearing.

I was very disappointed in that lawyer but the applicant did retain clearance despite some pretty sever financial issues.

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Mr. Farmer ,
Thank you for your advice i need all i can get. I am now down to T-minus 27 hours or so and my nerves are getting the better of me. I need to compose a closing statement and for the last few days i can’t seem to find the words. I keep hoping they’ll come but nothing so far. Can’t drop the ball on this one , I put in a request for God and his crew to get my back on this one so just gotta keep faith.

Good luck . . . This is the initial response to your SOR or is this for your hearing? If it’s the initial response, I don’t expect that you will convince them to overturn their decision. Are you opting for an in person hearing or written?

This is for the actual hearing which will take place tomorrow morning via Skype. I don’t think I had much of a choice on that one on the Skype. Here it is and I’m about 10 hours from sitting down in front of the computer to do this thing. Mom and dad will be there for character Witnesses. A committee person from the Union will also be there for me as a character witness. It’s funny that You mentioned my initial response to the SOR. BecauseI have this lack of words for my closing statement I was thinking of just reiterating what I said in my statement of reasons response because I think it says everything that I want to say in that. My closing words of that response anyway.
I am so wore out and worn down from this I think my brain is getting ready to shut down.

Turns out 4 and a half hours is probably not a good length for a hearing…still waiting to hear from the judge but not very confident.the last hour or two were plagued with nodding off, looks of "when is thing e er going to end"and definately lack of sleep related mistakes.

Why did this hearing happen via Skype? I figured they went to the closest major city…