The never ending use of the telephone

If your contract says 50 mile radius why do you accept conditions outside of your contract? Just say no! I think both companies are so desperately in need of experienced investigators at this point , that you do have some negotiating power. Perhaps an incentive amount for items outside 50 miles? If you allow yourself to be taken advantage of they will continue to do so.


Exactly. I understand all the companies suck, but I certainly make way more than $15/hr and all my expenses are covered.


@disillusioned which DCSA contractor do you work for? Peraton?

You should always be asking for a premium from a DCSA vendor when you take work. Never work a case that is outside of 30 miles from your home without asking for at least a 35% to 65% premium fee. That way you can recoup mileage and drive time that they don’t pay.

When you work cases outside of your area and at further distance from home, take a batch of cases at a premium and zone out your cases well for a couple of days to get done all of your field work. My days are long in the field but I try to avoid unnecessary trips and maximize profits to locations by staying out a long full day and even interviewing people in the evening hours. Try to always take either a TESI or Subject Interviews when taking cases far from home. Don’t allow the vendors to nickel and dime you on small piece work and records at great distances without giving you a Subject Interview or paying you for mileage and drive time.

You have to run this as a business and make business decisions in your best interests and not in the best interests of the vendor you work for. You follow my advice and I promise that you’ll actually make some money at this gig.

Now as far as unpaid training costs for IC’s, I have no suggestions for you. This has been a sore spot with me for years. Always has bothered me. It’s hard to believe with the millions of dollars of profits these vendors make that they can throw us a bone and pay us $35.00 an hour for training. It’s absolutely ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that the agencies know the IC’s aren’t paying the vendors for required trainings and they do nothing about it.

Good luck out there. Being an IC isn’t easy but it’s ten times better than being owned by one of the vendors and having work shoved down your throat by them ad naseum and being treated like a red headed step child.


CACI still hasn’t rolled out the new guidance of no telephone testimonies - yet. With the new unrealistic metrics still in place, Section Leads are still allowing telephone testimonies. It’s the only way to get close to meeting metrics without working off the clock since all non-production requirements are now considered production. CrossFit Andy says there’s no intentions of changing the metrics or cost strings.

March will be month 3 since the new metrics came into play. I wonder if they’ll start issuing PIP’s to those that haven’t met their metrics by close of March stats.

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That’s great advice! I’ve only been an IC since November, after being a regular employee for 18 years, so it’s taking some getting used to. I just had to do more “required” DCSA training this week. The training took 7 hours, all for free, of course. It’s unbelievable that they don’t ask us to do training, but MAKE us do training and not offer a dime. I wonder if it’s even legal to require someone to work for free.

I’ll also take your advice on asking for premiums. Most of my work is around 65 miles away and I didn’t realize that qualified as asking for a premium. So far I’ve been waiting until I get a batch of work in one area, then spend all day there, making sure I have at least one ESI, to make the day worthwhile.

I also started declining MEDI’s as I realized quickly you end up making no money with those, with all the time you end up spending on them. And finally, I’ll turn down work if its for just one source or record and its at least a 80 mile round trip with no other work in the area.

It’s quite a strategic game you have to play as an IC. I was lured in with the promise that they “don’t bug you all the time” like CACI/Peraton and that you don’t have to worry about stats. It was very appealing, but I quickly learned that between all the unpaid stuff they want you to do and no mileage reimbursement equals very low pay when all is said and done as compared to regular employee. Oh…and they do bug you all the time!!! I hear from my person in charge way more than my section lead when I was a regular employee.

CrossFit Andy :joy: cracked me up. I did not come close to meeting 2/2023 numbers, if I miss again next month it will be a PIP for me. Other teammates on my team have been placed on a PIP. While others have not.


:joy::rofl: what a clown that guy

Wow some people are actually hitting their numbers?! Besides working off the clock, how are they doing this? Please share your tips and suggestions.
I haven’t heard of anyone getting a PIP yet since the new metrics but I’m sure it’s most likely in the works… CACI has lost their damn mind!

I stand corrected, the DCSA no telephone testimony memo went out yesterday to all CACI staff, I must’ve missed it - just like how I’ll surely be missing my metrics this month :upside_down_face:

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As usual, the CAC memo was “clear as mud”. Lots of re-stating what has already been stated with the caveat that the direction given earlier is really the same - only different…Could’ve done it in one sentence - No more Source interviews by phone (which has been the DCSA policy for several months, at least). No zoning happening for my assignments, so I am spending half of my field days driving. RESIs are going to be the worst for in-person (again). Oh well, just gotta do what you gotta do.

Shoot for 50% premium, 2-3 TESI’s and a handful of sources and it’s pretty easy to do $1,000 worth of interviews in a day. It will be a long day with the driving but get them all typed the next day and call it a week.

Do you know what is the standard for asking for a premium? Anything over 50 miles each way? Anything over 30 miles each way?

Curious if any of you know how to get in touch with someone at CACI in regards to IC work. I’m at Paragon now and workload has obviously plummeted. Wonder I can make the jump but I don’t want to be an employee. Can only find FT positions listed.

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Ask for a 35% - 65% premium anytime you take work outside of a 25-35 mile radius. Cite the hours you sit in a car and the cost of fuel. If that’s not good enough for them, then walk away and let the DCSA vendors miss their Critical Date to the customer.

Because of the upcoming subk between Caci and Paragon, you won’t be able to work for both Caci and Paragon. There is probably a non-compete in the contract. I would wait just a few more weeks. The work will come back.

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Several IC’s have sued several of these companies in several states in the past and won substantially.
The lawsuits were all related to required meetings and trainings that IC were required to attend but were not paid to do so. The CA lawsuit lead to the creation of zero hour employees in CA around 2015. There are states in which this labor practice is clearly illegal.

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CACI does not use independent contractors (IC). Best to go with Peraton, if you are so inclined to be an IC - at least they have a system in place for that role.

Try 1Force. I was an IC with them for few yrs. Great company

Nah, that’s wrong information. As an IC your customer is your business. Non compete does not apply because you’re not an employee of either company.

CACI is using IC through another subcontractor company I believe. I forget the name but I can try and find out.

We were told that Paragon (SCIS or whatever they will call the entity) and CANDA Solutions were going to fulfill the 30% small business requirement of the new contact for CACI. How either or both of those companies setup their investigators (W2 ee’s and/or 1099 ICs) is not under CACI’s purview, as far as I know. There just needs to be a certain “body count” on the contract.