Unique situation is the client expediting my clearance

submit sf86 for secret 1 April 2019
interim secret denied April 15 2019
interview completed June 10 2019

my case is little complex or i may be unlucky. three years ago I switch jobs and started working for DOS as a contractor i have secret for the last 9 years. 3 months ago try to renew my PIV id with the client and found out that my secret has already expired few months ago. it seems my FSO never completed the transfer from previous employer and never bother to check the jpass. the client DOS was also shocked. the client was gracious enough to allow to continue to work on the non sensitive projects as long as i can get a public trust which i did. my fso started a new secret application 3 months ago. i think the reason i was able to get a quick interview is that maybe the DOS is expediting my case behind the scenes but i may be wrong. i talked to a clearance attorney and he said if i sue my company my fso can lost his clearance my company can also lose the license for secret clearances. since they are also sponsoring my new secret so just forgive them. they will also fight in court claiming its not their fault.

Sticky. Any idea exactly what is causing the interim denial? I would definitely elevate to senior management with both the company and the client. It certainly can happen. We pay very close attention to ensure all our people remain sponsored on our clearance roster. With 400 plus it can be an enormous pain, particularly for “as needed” employees working multiple contracts. I do my darndest to make sure when folks approach 9 years I submit for new NACS, and at 4 years submit for a new TS. But it can happen. Unfortunately, it is the person who suffers when it does. If the FSO suffers a consequence for failing to ensure employees are cleared…well…that is their job. At the very least they should be dinged on a DSS inspection. You are owed a formal apology as well from senior management. I cannot see ANY security office having a legit excuse for not transferring a clearance to the new company. None. If they are not sponsored on our list, they do not badge. Period.

Thanks Amberbunny. I think this time interim denial was due to Dual Nationality and foreign trips. Also once Secret expired due to FSO or Client negligence can it be Active again or the only solution is to apply new SF86 can a lawyer help me. but this time I got interview completed very quickly you think the client DOS is behind this speed. Also the investigator last week told me to email her my foreign relatives details which i did. My question is once the investigator handed this info to adjudicator is he/she out of the picture or I can still contact her down the road if I want to update any more info which I think could help me in my case.

I think once they hand it off they are basically done and will tell you it moved on. At that point they cannot help any longer. Hopefully how they characterized your integrity and willingness to share info helps you. Having the security office mess up…hurts. Completely out of your control but at the end of the day once out of scope…they feel there is a lot of time for potential bad behaviors so they must renew. I am quite sure if it is an operational job they have ways to get the expedite treatment. Particularly if the company itself went on record stating it was an error on their part. I do not expect them to own that at all.