Why Can’t I Use Marijuana and Have a Clearance?

Originally published at: https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/why-cant-i-use-marijuana-and-have-a-clearance/

A DoD contractor was denied eligibility for a security clearance by the DoD CAF due to concerns about her extensive history of marijuana use, falsification of her security questionnaire, and a number of delinquent student loans. The Statement of Reasons (SOR) identifying the concerns alleged the following: – Eight delinquent student loans totaling about $30,000 (and…

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Yeah . . . This likely had little to do with the drug use and everything to do with not being smart enough to hold a clearance.


I think her drug use is what clouded her mind up and this is why she responded the way she did.

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Recent tests show stopping the use of MJ seems to restore cognition. She must have missed the article. A $5.00 monthly payback…wonder if my mortgage company would accept that?