Will I be be approved for a TS clearance

How did this end up?

I took a second polygraph and everything was resolved. I’m blessed to say I was cleared and now I start my job next month.

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How long did it take after submitting SF86?

So congrats on the clearance, but honestly I’m a little surprised; I would not have expected that much tolerance from an IC agency on lying and getting caught.


Yea I understand that. I’m a good guy with a good heart, and maybe they read that although that might not mean anything to them just doing their jobs. But maybe the fact that I came clean and addressed it before they even asked about it, had some affect in the final decision. Or maybe I’m just a lucky case.


I tend to agree with your last sentence. Luck indeed plays a significant part in getting through the convoluted process unscathed!

I cleared so what were you saying?

There’s no rhyme or reason as to who gets through and who doesn’t!

I wouldn’t say that there is luck involved in getting through the clearance process. However, getting through the clearance process QUICKLY does seem to involve a bit of luck as some “clean” cases take a long time and some “complicated” cases go through fast.