Will I lose my security clearance for disenrolling from ROTC


To keep it short, I received a Secret level security clearance through ROTC, but am considering disenrolling from ROTC. It should be noted that my current internship requires a security clearance for the work I will be doing. Will I lose my clearance if I choose to leave ROTC?

I assume you are doing an internship at a defense contractor or similar enterprise… they should be able to pick up your clearance and keep you active.

What year ROTC are you? Used to be, when you came back for junior year (the first year of “Advanced ROTC”) you incurred a service obligation. Not sure if that would apply in your case. Be sure to check that out…

Yes, I am working for a defense contractor. I will likely be working for one for most of my career, as I am an aerospace engineer and I am planning on going into the defense industry.

I may not be stating this exactly right, but the clearance is for the person. Your access depends on your position and need-to-know. That’s how people can move from one job to another and retain their clearance.

So I think you should be OK. Assuming you don’t get orders putting you on active duty as SPC Yankees22 :slight_smile:

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