2021 Fiscal Budget

I took a look at Trump’s Fiscal budget for 2021, but could not find any data on funding for IC agencies. Does anyone know where this information is available?

IC as in independent contractors or intelligence community? If it’s the latter, you are not going to find info on that.

No . . . If you’re not a member of the house or senate intelligence committee, you’re not going to see that number. This is nothing new.

I know, but there is typically a large sum that goes to the IC that they publish without getting into detail. I believe last year it was 86B

Yeah I think there is a top-line budget that is published, but it might not include everything. Plus there are various flavors of money (monies? many monies?) and now I wonder if maybe “CYBER” is a whole 'nother animal that also funds some activities in this area.

The budget that is proposed as of right now is simply an opening shot in a battle that is just starting.