3 Letter Agency TS/SCI & 15+ year old clearance with Military

I am hoping to gather some insight on this. When I joined the military as a teenager a decade and a half ago, my recruiter told me not to divulge drug use and I listened. I’ve had a spotless career, early promotions, and haven’t touched anything since before enlistment.

I’ve applied to a 3-letter agency and am curious about how conflicting information may be viewed and adjudicated, regardless of age. Obviously, I’ve divulged my past drug use during the background interview, but am concerned the old omittance may cause problems for even my current clearance, much less this potential new one. If anyone could share their insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated.


15 years ago, no recurrence, stellar career…it is more than possible to clear. Recruiters hid a bunch of stuff to make goal. It is a known, known. Doesn’t completely absolve you but juvenile thoughts as a juvenile can be understood to be just that. You may be asked to sign an acknowledgement of behavior memorandum. Should this return in your life you will not get the benefit of doubt.
Keep us posted. Best advice is to be honest. Any attempt at covering up, forgetting…doesn’t reflect well.

You will need to think about how to answer this question during your polygraph.

I didnt put misuse of an RX on my 86. Dang sure brought it up prior to poly starting. I was wrong, but it was during a period of enormous stress not likely to repeat. It was prozac of my Ex during a divorce. Once it numbed me, I got my own RX and then after 3 months stopped. I used it medicinally, no attempt to abuse or get high. Just needed something so I could function at work, keep it together, and take care of our then 8 year old daughter. Had to take 2 polys, but cleared. Now it hoes on every equip moving forward as a “have you ever.”

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