8 years ago drug use


I’m currently in the investigation stage of the clearance process. During my subject interview, we discussed my background from 8 years ago and I disclosed infrequent drug use from 8 years ago. I was recently asked by a reviewer why the drug use wasn’t included in my eqip. It was not mentioned in my eqip because the form said to date back drug usage over 7 years. Since that was 8 years ago I did not add the information(in an effort to follow instructions).

Should I be concerned? I tried to follow instructions to a T and was more than honest and willing to share information during my Interview. I provided documentation and contacts to the investigator too so they could verify my information.

TIA for the comments!

Former background investigator here.

IMO, you did everything correctly and have absolutely nothing to worry about. Don’t read into the non-applicable inane bureaucratic questions asked by reviewers or investigators.


Thank you! I was getting really worried.

Yeah don’t worry. It can be mitigated.

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Thank you! I appreciate the input.