A Decades-Long History of Lies: A Case Study for Clearance and Public Trust Applicants

Originally published at: https://clearancejobsblog.com/a-decades-long-history-of-lies-a-case-study-for-clearance-and-public-trust-applicants/

I ran across this Office of Inspector General case regarding a Department of Interior employee who was able to lie and cajole his way into getting appointed to multiple positions with the DoD and other Federal agencies over the course of 21 years. His positions included stints with: U.S. Army; U.S. Army Reserve; U.S. Navy;…

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Thanks for sharing @marko.hakamaa! Wow, there’s the white lie to not hurt anybody feelings (“do you like this shirt?”) and then there’s the egregious lies like this. Like you, I’m surprised that he pulled this for so long. His DD-214 should have cleared up some of his claims, or at the minimum, caused HR/security to raise questions about such discrepancies. We have a very long thread here on the length of time for investigations — you would think that the investigation process, albeit slower than we would generally like, would be thorough enough to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” to have caught this guy very early on.

The guy should have gone into politics.

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