Access to Public Records for Investigators

I’m curious about investigators access to public records. Are they subject to the same public records laws and exemptions that the general public is or do they have a greater level of access?

Example: I request a non criminal police report. The individuals name and all identifying information is completely redacted from the report to comply with the states privacy laws. Would an investigator receive the same redacted report or would they have access to the individuals identity in the non criminal report?

I know that some criminal records which are supposed to be “sealed” or otherwise kept from normal disclosure can usually be accessed by an investigator presenting proper credentials. I can also personally state that the investigator was able to find out more about my tax situation than the accountant I hired :frowning: but that may also have to do with the accountant being… not that energetic.

Any other input or thoughts?

I often got reports not available to the public. Or other information not ever available to the public (i.e., on the q.t.). College and university police departments are the most fastidious about redacting or not providing info not specifically requested. Same with small police departments in upscale areas. So, the answer is yes, I often got info not made available to the public or the person who was arrested.

I imagine when the investigator ranks were made up of older, seasoned investigators, police departments were much more likely to trust background investigators with background info and provide more info not available to the person being investigated (and public).