How long does it take to get a copy of my investigative report?


My former employer made some defamatory, untrue statements about my health to the clearance investigator. I heard this from the investigator when they interviewed me after.

I’m trying to see about getting a copy of the investigative report. I spoke to a lawyer who said I may have a case if I can get a written copy of the report showing my employer made those statements.

Two questions:

  1. Once my investigation is complete and I submit the form, how long does it take to get a copy of the full investigative report?

  2. Will the report have the info the investigator told me my former employer said, or is it potentially going to be taken out for some reason?


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Depends on the agency you submit your request to.

Some agencies will not give you a copy of the ROI even if you ask for it. FOIA can be damned, they say.


The investigator told me to go to this DCSA website linked here to get a copy of my investigation records.

FOI/P Program Overview

Does this mean my clearance is being adjudicated by DCSA? Any idea on if DCSA is one of those agencies that does give out copies of the ROI?

I received a copy of my investigation via FOIA request which I think was initiated via the website.

There are several locations that complete clearance adjudication - mostly it depends on agency agreement between the job location and adjudication facility. The DOD CAF is housed within DCSA which probably takes on most adjudication situations, however higher level positions could be adjudicated by the FBI; etc…

Generally FOIA requests funnel through the National Archives (I believe). I’m fairly certain you will not be able to directly contact DCSA for ROI info.

It took about 6 months to get my copy via FOIA and it was heavily redacted.

It may be a better option to subpoena the investigation file. Contact the security management office to find out which agency investigations are sent to for adjudication. Once you know that info, visit that website and research how to obtain records or file copies.

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Thanks. How did you know it was redacted? Did you have any luck in getting the non-redacted version?

Regarding them dropping applicants, do you mean dropping them from the security clearance process or from the process of applying to get their records? I just said I wanted to see the records of all the conversations they had had about me with third parties.

This may be a question for a lawyer, but can I subpoena something if my legal claim is not at the court stage but just at the demand letter stage?

The report arrived redacted. That’s the only way it’s received via FOIA requests, that I’m aware of. Redaction protects source information, PII and otherwise sensitive details. I suppose it’s possible info obtained by way of subpoena could be of better use but I have no experience with that method.

Industry positions are tricky when it comes to security clearances. Investigations are expensive, take a long time and in some cases positions can have many more clearance qualified candidates w/no issues to move on to.

Your best bet would be to obtain legal advice from an employment lawyer.

Keep in mind, you have to have a court case in order to subpoena and cause for the subpoena. Are you ready to sue the government or agency?

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If my background investigation stop because i resigned for a better opportunities but dt really know at what stage leve ot has stopped. Can i still request a copy of that backgroung? Sole hints plz

It took several months for me to get a copy of my investigation. I was starting to think I must have not requested it correctly. It was probably around 4 to 6 months. Sometimes the source of information is not redacted it really just depends on the situation. I found out MY OWN MOTHER called me crazy to the investigator, not making this up! Lol. Oh well, still got my clearance.

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I was hire with with Angency but after few months i left for a better opportunity,however it seems my background investigations was still in processing. And i spoke with DCSA and they told me that investigation was completed after 6 months.Even im not with that agency anymore.Is that mean they will still process my clearance even im not with them anymore.
I send a request for a copy of my BI.
But should i sent one also for adjutication or clearance?
Need some hint…plsease …
Thank you

I FOIA’d my last PR (2016) and it was only partially redacted. I request it in April and received it back two months later in June. The key is that you FOIA it after your clearance is adjudicated and the investigation is closed.

Your FOIA’d report will only be partially redacted. You will be able to see whatever was said by anyone you listed that the investigator speaks with. You will even be able to see people you listed that that investigator could not get in touch with. This was interested in my case because I listed two folks and their correct contact information but they never returned the OPM investigator’s messages. Odd.

This will be highly dependent on which agency did the investigation. (DCSA doesn’t do all investigations; some agencies have Delegated Authority from OPM.)

DOD is more transparent than say, the closed-minded agency known as DHS or its components.

Obtaining the records is a fairly smooth process. However, don’t expect that you will ever be afforded an opportunity to contest any remarks made by informants, the accuracy or inaccuracy of such comments notwithstanding.

Inevitably the report will arrive with redactions. It will be very difficult to obtain an unredacted copy, barring protracted litigation against the agency involved.

I wasn’t quite so fortunate, although I don’t think that my mother was ever interviewed! LOL