How long does it take to receive a copy of a BI?

Hi all. I have a few questions about submitting a FOIA request to NBIB for a copy of my BI.

  1. What is included in request option “Most Recent Investigation, including Standard Form?”
  2. Am I allowed to request a copy if my BI is still ongoing?
  3. Does it look bad in the future if someone requested a copy of their last background investigation?

In my experience with DoD/OPM/NBIB you will not receive your BI until the investigation has closed. When I mailed in my FOIA request they did email me back “A check of our system of records shows that your most recent investigation is still open. Once your investigation has closed we will send a copy of the records that you requested to you.” I personally finally found out my Interim TS had gone final thanks to an immediate email upon case closure. My FSO was a bit lazy in the regular checking of JPAS.

However I cannot speak for other non-DoD agencies.

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Agree with the above statement. I requested a copy and was told they couldn’t since mine was still open but once closed, they will send a copy. I heard it takes two weeks from the day they receive the paperwork though.

I requested mine and it took about 45 days. It can be emailed. You get two emails. One to make sure it went thru and final to make sure it has your file. It’s a gigantic pdf.

Also you can call the FOIA hotline and they are really helpful. They send u the forms and what not