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Hey ladies and gents,

When security/BI asks you for information… and gives you a set amount of days to acquire said information… (ie, 10 days), does your processing stop until you provide the information?


I would think so. How can someone build a report without all the information needed. It could possibly paint the wrong picture.

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Ok, thanks!

It was actually more than 10 days they gave me… I got the info to them within 4 and they just confirmed today that they received it. So now it’s more waiting. :smirk:

Your case is not considered an open case until it is accepted by the investigation service provider (ISP) (normally NBIB). So, you “case” might stop processing if your security official asks you for more information. This normally done before your case is accepted by the ISP.

No, processing does not stop when an investigator asks you for information. The normal time limit is 5 business days. Only a discontinue request, or an event that could cause a discontinue, would stop your “processing” once it reaches NBIB.

This gives you the opportunity to prove additional information for your case to the adjudicator. The time limit is set for the many times a Subject does not provide the information - the investigator reports you were given the opportunity (and what it was) but did not. This allows the investigator to press on with your case.

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@backgdinvestigator, as always, thanks for the great insight.

Here’s some background information on my situation. I have currently been sponsored for SCI by an agency with DoD (which does its on BI) so I don’t believe it goes to NBIB, but you would know better than me.

With respect to time limits, the security personal gave me (45) days which I returned it in (4)…

After providing the information, I was informed that he/she will “continue with my security processing…”


This sounds like an internal processing and your case was not released to the ISP until after you provided the requested information. This is just my guess.

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At this point, I’ll take a guess… lol.

Thank you!