DoD Intelligence Agency own BI/Adjudication...

Hey everyone,

Just wanna start by saying thanks for all hard work it appears you do.

If your federal Intelligence agency handles its own BI/adjudication, as opposed to using NBIB, does it take longer to process your clearance?

(And is NO news good news after only hearing from Applicant Pre Screening once about missing information on your SF-86?)

And may you offer an education guess as to wear I could be at this stage in the process? I have yet to hear from anyone with repspect my references being contact.

Bare with me, I’m new to all of this?

Thanks in advance!

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No news is definitely good news. Until you get some bad news.

Sometimes the DoD intel agencies which do their own clearances go much faster, but they can be annoyingly slow as well.

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One of the factors that slow down clearances, regardless of the provider, is the field “footprint”. Many of the other ISPs use contractors, which already reduces the investigator pool, who also work on other contracts for other ISPs.

If your case is in an area with a good group of investigators that are current on the workload - your case flies through. If any part of your case, such as a listed reference, employer, or residence, is in a “no investigator zone”,your case could slow down simply because some one has to call or drive to that area for the required information.

This is one reason predicting case completion timeliness is so difficult.

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I used to work for a contractor that had most of its clearances done through an IC agency that did their own BIs. They used a lot of contract investigators who were retired feds of various origin. So not only were they very experienced investigators, I suspect they had worked for that agency for a long time and learned the ropes as to what the reviewers/adjudicators wanted to see. I suspect that helped to speed things up as well.

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Experience helps a lot.

This career field has a high turnover, Federal and Contractor (to include retired Feds), because of the work environment.

It seems that a year is the make or break point for most.

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@sbusquirrel, thanks man…

I thought it would be faster, but at this point, I’m not expecting any miracles in terms in timing. The further along it goes, the more I don’t think about it— which it helps I guess.

@backgdinvestigator and @sbusquirrel… thanks! I’m starting to see I made the correct choice by joint this blog. You guys or (ladies) are aces.

So it takes a special type of person to do this type of work?

I’ve been waiting 17 months since adjucation . Hope that helps :exploding_head:

Sadly, it doesn’t. But then again… does it?

That sucks, man. I hope it comes through soon for you.