Investigation Closed?

Hey everyone,
I am extremely new to this process so I am just seeking some input from some people who have had experience with the background investigation process.
I am in the process of getting a job with CSRA, so here is my timeline so far (in regards to SSBI-process is expedited from what BI told me )…
-February 3rd: Credit pulled
-February 8th: Interim determination
-February 27th: Met with background investigator
-March 5th-March 19th: References, former employers, former employees, and neighbors interviewed

I called the FOIA line today (for reference number is 724-794-5612 extension 7000) and they told me my investigation closed on April 3rd and was sent to the responsible department for adjudication-my BI told me this process would take 5-6 days (I forget the name exactly but the number is 1-888-282-7682). I was told they are not legally permitted to provide me with an update and I would need to call CSRA.
I called CSRA and they told me that my adjudication was completed and I received a favorable determination to work on their contract. (Which my training dates and other forms they had me finish were completed a couple months ago when I had the interim determination

So basically my question is this-if my adjudication is completed and I have received a favorable determination I am assuming this means I was granted the clearance? I haven’t received any notifications of having a final determination decision granted or anything like that. I just want some piece of mind since I just gave my current job a formal notice today.

This whole process is a little confusing for people just entering. Any input/feedback would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Odd to me that you are going to be a BI but are using this forum to find out information about the process, as well as providing too many details in your post. You do not have a clearance unless you specifically were told you did and signed an NDA. You simply are eligible for one.

I was simply trying to provide people a little background of what has been going on in my investigation (as I have seen many others do on this website). I’m only confused about the favorable determination aspect-that is all. Nothing else. Nobody made me aware of an NDA that would be signed, just that I would get an email once “a final favorable determination has been granted”, which I never received but was told I have a “favorable determination.” But I got it now. Thanks for the input.