How long does it typically take to receive a copy of your BI via email once you put in a FOIA request with OPM/NBIB?

I requested mine 3/26 and received a response 4/2 stating it had closed 4/1. Now stuck in adjudication hell. Tier 1 FWIW.

Yours shouldn’t take long at all to adjudicate. Mine is a big long Tier 5 and just closed like a week and half ago :frowning: However, it’s in adjudication according to my senator’s office.

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T5 FOIPA request used to take me 45 days to receive a response in 2018. The FOIPA request I sent in just last month took less than a week.

Mine took 45 days in 2018

It depends. While agencies must respond to FOIA requests within 20 business days by law, the same cannot be said for Privacy Act (PA) requests. Any requests for a copy of your background investigation reports will usually fall under PA. I submitted a few PA requests and it varies from 3 months to 15 months. It took this long because some agencies just don’t play nice as PA does not have processing time.

Do you know if DoDCAF would need to submit a PA request in order to view my investigation from another 3-letter?

I would think that would fall under the release you sign when you fill out the SF-86.