Old security investigations

Does anyone know where old security investigations are stored? How do investigators access old records? Do they receive an entire investigation or only the final determination? I held a military TS/SCI from the 90’s and was wondering how that record is accessed for a new clearance.

Thanks and happy Good Friday everyone!

Your military BI information would be accessible through the DCSA FOIA office. Google for the information and follow the instructions.

Ok thank you sir! Always helpful information


Thanks sir! Would you know how long it takes to receive hard copy records?

I don’t know → I put in my request about 30 days ago (via Fedex/USPS express mail). I am still waiting. I am guessing their staff is limited at times due to COVID social distancing, etc… I’ll be happy if I get something by Memorial Day.

I can actually “ring” in on this one. I just went through this. According to what I was told by a former FOIA employee they have 30 days. However, with COVID things have been really slow. My request from submission to receipt took just shy of 90 days. I hope this helps.