Alcohol Guideline, Need Advice

I am up for a periodic review for a secret clearance and I jut found out that in my medical records I was diagnosed with “Alcohol Abuse Disorder, In remission”. I was being treated for depression and anxiety in 2017and told the provider that I may have been using alcohol to cope with my problems and choose to stop in 2016. I was never treated for Alcohol Abuse because it was diagnosed as in remission. The first time I have even seen the diagnosis is when I saw it in my medical records a couple days ago. After my depression and anxiety were in remission and under complete control in January 2018, I began to socially drink, however, if I knew about the diagnosis before hand I would have abstained totally. I guess I’m just worried looking at the guideline. I’ve had no arrest or alcohol incidents and I can honestly answer no to all the alcohol questions. I don’t really know where to disclose this because I never received any treatment for Alcohol Abuse. Can anyone make an assessment?