Am I eligible for a security clearance with multiple citizenships?

I’m a citizen the U.S. and two other countries that are allies with the U.S. I recently had a pre-security-clearance screening with a government contractor, and I was told by my interviewer that I am ineligible for a security clearance (at both that company and other companies) because I hold multiple citizenships. They said I would have to renounce my other citizenships to prove my allegiance to the U.S. in order to continue with the interview process at the company, which only requires a low-level clearance.

I’ve heard that some security clearances require the applicant to be hypothetically willing to renounce citizenship in the future, but I didn’t know that meant actually immediately relinquishing them for any type of security clearance.

Was my interviewer correct that I won’t pass a security clearance with multiple citizenships?

That is no longer the case. I have seen SCI access granted for those that still hold multiple citizenships. It depends on the countries, how the citizenship was attained and why, and your stated intent of loyalty to only the U.S. Go here and look in the foreign preference section for more information:

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